Redefining Leadership

As a speaker and consultant, Charles Herrick brings his rich background in business, leadership, and sports to clients worldwide – clients who understand the ROI potential of investing in their management teams.  From IBM management to CEO of companies with thousands of employees, Herrick is able to deliver training, mentoring, and leadership development programs based on real experience. His speaking engagements offer entertaining and life changing insights. They go far beyond the feel good, believe-in-yourself rhetoric so often given by motivational speakers, which almost everyone could write for themselves — and which no one ever remembers.  The programs at Herrick Leadership are substantive, meaningful, and will ensure your company continues to grow and prosper in the years ahead.

Meet Charles Herrick

“Charles was the energizing force behind the growth of our organization. Our entire leadership team is stronger today as a result of his contribution.”    >  Carol Berg, PGA

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Speaking Engagements

Having gone from the hallowed halls of IBM to the mud huts of East Africa, stopping along the way to run a coffee company and a couple of  big IT firms and then competing internationally in the 400 meter dash, Charles Herrick has a lot of good stories and ideas to share.  Author, Businessman, Relief Worker, and World-Class Athlete aren’t often found in one person.

Developing Leaders

Can you have more powerful results from less “management”? The cost of management is one of a company’s most expensive line item yet it is rarely viewed as a potential for greater ROI. Most companies could double the span of control of their individual managers. And they would produce better results amid higher morale. What’s preventing that from happening right now?

Written Works

With a free flowing writing style that makes any topic interesting, Charles is uniquely qualified to write on a number of subjects.  He also likes to travel alone to some of the roughest places on the planet. Thanks to modern technology, these books are available now, prior to release.  Learn more about Charles books and travels.

Herrick Blog

Follow Charles as he discusses topics from good leadership skills to adventures in different places. Every month you can gain a little more insight into his world.